On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Copy)

৳ 1,500.00


TheOnce the sample is provided the device transmits the results within 10 seconds.

On Call® Plus Blood Glucose Test Strips are thin strips with a chemical reagent system. They work with the On Call® Plus Blood Glucose Meter to measure the glucose concentration in whole blood. Blood is applied to the end tip of the test strip.

The blood is then automatically absorbed into the reaction cell. The reaction takes place in the reaction cell. A transient electrical current is formed during the reaction which is detected by the meter. The blood glucose concentration is then calculated based on the electrical current. The result is then shown on the meter display.

The meters are calibrated to display plasma equivalent results. For in vitro diagnostic use. Test strips are only to be used outside the body for testing purposes, for the quantitative measurement of glucose in capillary whole blood from the finger, forearm, and palm, by people with diabetes at home and by healthcare professionals as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes control programs.


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