CAMRY Analog Personal Weight Scale

৳ 750.00


Product details of CAMRY Analog Personal Weight Machine Scale

  • Weight scale machine
  • The Easy way to control your Weight
  • Fashionable Style
  • AUTO ON/OFF function
  • kg / Lb unit
  • Capacity: 120kg
  • Graduation 1kg
  • Easy to read

Best Camry Personal Weight Machine Scale Analog

Weighing Scales is the best tool to monitor and measure your weight. Novena weighing scale is designed with durable construction and has the capacity to withstand a maximum of 120 kilograms. The weighing scale has a zero adjuster, we need to set zero before taking the weight. One has to measure his/her weight without any movement while measuring the weight.

There are two types of weighing scales available – analog and digital. An analog scale features a simple design with few parts, so the chances of it getting damaged is less. Also, analog scales work without batteries. A digital scale is more accurate than an analog one.


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