ACOVESTA® Contoured LS Corset

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⊙ACOVESTA® Contoured L S Support Belt/Corset
Provides enhanced support and gives perfect immobilization to lumber, sacral & pelvic region.

M size (32-36 inches)(80-90cm)

L size (36-40 inches)(90-100cm)

XL size (40-44 inches)(100-110cm)

XXL size (44-48 inches)(110-120cm)

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ACOVESTA® Lumber back support is scientifically designed to support and immobilize the lumbo sacral region and correct the postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. Anatomically shaped splints ensure immobilization in anatomically correct and comfortable posture.
How to use: The belt is wrapped around the waist. Keeping it upright. The back panel be placed in the centre of the vertebral column, with lower edge of the belt coinciding with the nape of the spine. Close hook loop fasteners to a comfortable compression. Stretch and fasten the double pull strap, using reverse buckle mechanism for added grip and firmness of the splints.
Construction: Made from extra-strong orthopedic elastic containing heat resistant rubber modulus of elasticity. Hook loop closures provide fitting of the belt around the waist, it’s quick easy application and removal.
Rigid, pre-shaped metallic splints, integrated in the back panel provide firm immobilization in anatomically correct and comfortable posture. Double pull reverse buckle mechanism allows extra compression and firm grip to the L.S. region.
• Use the products under strict guidance of the qualified doctor.
• Adjust padding and strapping for the secure and comfortable fitting.
• Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of
Impaired sensation.
Impaired blood flow.
Allergy rash or itching.
Pain increases or persists.
• Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use of the device.
With excessive physical exertion, it can lead to restriction of
performance of heart and lungs (risk of rise in blood pressure).
• Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to
adverse effects and decreased effectiveness.
• Product should preferably be worn over a cotton
lining or an under garment.
• Follow instructions mentioned on the box carefully.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Lumber spondylitis.
• Inter vertebral disc syndrome.
• Post discketomy care.
• Osteoporetic pain of the lumber spine.
• Low backache, postural fatigue, postural deformities
and mechanical stresses due to poor posture.
• Comfort during long working hours and travel.
• Stabilization during vertebral fracture and injuries.
• Degenerative changes of the lumber spine.
• Weakened abdominal muscles.
Product Care:
• It is recommended to close hook loop closures
before washing.
• Hand wash with mild detergent and water below
30˚C without wringing.
• Dry in shade on a flat surface.
• Do not dry clean.
• Do not iron.
• Do not bleach.
• Flexible sizing
• Double pull mechanism
• Well cushioned back pad
• Pre-contoured back splints

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